Are you sure this is vegetarian: Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant, Singapore

One of the surprises I had recently is this vegetarian restaurant called Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant situated in the middle of Singapore’s Little India. A friend of mine recommended this place because of their excellent kitchen and surprising dishes.

After hearing there was just one thing to do: go and find out myself. After reaching the place around 7 p.m. I found out that the place was almost fully packed with people. Lucky for me there was a table available and my friend and I could take a seat.
As soon as I opened the menu I got confused; mutton masala, tandoori chicken, nasi lemak. All the things listed in the menu were with meat but wasn’t this a vegetarian restaurant. The waiter saw my confusion and came to the table and explained that their believe is: “vegetarian food should not be boring or the same as usual”.

After talking some time to the waiter about the restaurant my stomach began to complain so I had to order. Not long after ordering the meals came to the table. The mutton masala smelled amazing and the butter chicken looked so delicious, so why waste any time and lets eat!

The taste of the dishes were so intense and if I would not have known that it was a vegetarian dish, I would definitely say that it was mutton and chicken.
Gokul’s secret is the fact that they use “fake” meat also known as mock meat made from wheat, quorn or soy. For all the dishes they have a different type of mock meat so it suits the type of dish.

The portions we got were so big that we couldn’t finish it all. This dinner was a big surprise and by the end of the meal my belly was full and round. The taste of the dishes were so good, the spices and herbs used were in excellent proportions.
If you would ask me if I would recommend this restaurant of would visit them again that would be a direct YES!!!!