Did you ever sleep in a birds nest?

For most people, going to the bush means either a pain-in-the-ass camping trip or an obscure three-day music festival followed closely by a five-day comedown. Whatever your preferred method of getting in touch with nature, not many can boast they’ve slept in a bird’s nest, least of all a luxury-one equipped with all the trimmings. Now, all you need is a ticket to Tanzania and a sense of adventure.


Book online, then just before sunset,you’ll be dropped off at the NAY PALAD Bird Nest, thanks to African tour company Segera. Here in you’ll find lots of pre-lit lanterns, champagne, culinary masterpieces, comfortable beds, hot water bottles, and exquisitely fine linen, such as you’d find in a fancy hotel.

The best thing about the PALAD Bird Nest experience is that you’ll be at the center of a once-in-a-life-time experience, housed in a place that blends in with and doesn’t disturb the surroundings. You’ll be eating well, all the while watching giraffes, elephants, and other wildlife in their natural habitat. Truly, this place is almost as good as being in front of a 65-inch high-definition television, Mother Nature can only do so much.


With an up and downstairs floor, a fully equipped lavatory, and more nature than you’ll know what to do with, what more can you ask for? Wi-Fi, a jacuzzi, a ping-pong table? Eh, if you all that you’ve probably missed the point.