Emirates brings you the next level of luxary travel.

A new First Class suite

A lack of leg space, tasteless food, smelly fellow travelers, crying babies and so on. You have to endure it all if you want to ravel to a distant destination. Unless money is not a problem!!
When money is not a problem then you have access to a world in which the flight is even more luxurious than your final destination. Emirates is king in the field of luxury aircraft. Recently the Middle East company added new Boeing 777 to its fleet. At first glance a normal plane with economy class, business class and first class seats, but that not it. You can also book a First Class Suite and what you get then is really bizarre!!


Flying in unprecedented luxury!

Depending on the flight you book, the suite will cost you between 3.000 and 5.500 dollars, but you also get something in return. To begin with, you have your own room that is fully equipped. A leather chair with countless positions, a 32-inch television, a tablet, more that enough cupboard space, climate control and lamps that can change color.
You have total privacy and can thus enjoy the flight in peace. If you do need something, you make video calls with the flight attendants. So they make the bed for you, provide you with a glass of whiskey or champagne and serve meals that look really fantastic. Whatever you want, they arrange it for you. It is almost too bad to go to sleep during your flight.
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