Feeling healthy: Soto Ayam

Everyday!! That is how often I could eat this soup. Why do I like this soup so much? I think the answer is simple. It is soooo good and so simple, the fresh bean sprouts gives this soup the bite and freshness it needs. On the other hand the fried chicken adds just enough aroma to give the soup some body but not too much so the soup stays light. The soup could be used as a lunch dish but even be used for dinner. Soto ayam should be served as hot as possible and at the end you could add some sambal. I add a lot of sambal because I want this dish to be very spicy, my mouth should burn.

“my mouth should burn”

The broth is normally cooked slowly for hours. The broth usually contains some onions, allspice and some fresh lemongrass. Because it is cooked slowly the aroma’s are released in a natural way, this method is used for many years.
The soto ayam is widely available in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Surinam. In each of these countries you will find a different soto ayam. In the different regions people like to add something of their own to make it their own. Of course all of the soups are good, it’s personal which one is the best but this healthy and fresh soup is definitely worth trying.

Soto Ayam without the clear soup
‘Soto Ayam without the broth’

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