Lush oasis in the desert. Oman’s beautiful wadis

This could be straight from Walt Disney’s movie Aladdin!! I had heard a lot about the wadis in Oman but unfortunately never the time to visit any, so I was thrilled that i could plan this trip!!

Oman has many beautiful wadis but in my believe the best ones are Wadi Shab, Wadi Tiwi, Wadi Bin Khalid, Wadi Mistal and Wadi al Rustaq.

On my way from the hotel I stayed at in Muscat I tried to Imagine what I would find at the first wadi i was on my way to. Wadi Shab was my first stop and I was really excited. Wadi Shab is about 2 hour drive from Muscat and the scenery is amazing. First of all driving in Oman is really easy, the roads are good and there are barely any cars on the road. As i was driving through the beautiful inlands with mountains really high and stunning views, the temperature started to rise up to 35 degrees celsius. It’s not that i can not handle these kind of temperatures but the air conditioning in the car started to having problems so inside the car it slowly got warmer and warmer.


Reaching the wadi with AC was a relief. With a small boat i got dropped on the other side of the little lake, and what saw next amazed me!! It was so green in the middle of all these giant mountains and rocks. Palm tree after palm tree, grass up to two meters high, crystal clear water and a temperature as high as 38 degrees!! All this together makes you want to jump in right away!

This was just the beginning and i had to walk to the bigger water before i could dive in. The road was definitely not paved and rocks changed in size and collar every two meter. But i had to do this, I must reach the oasis in the middle of the desert.
After walking for almost 45 minutes I could hear some children laughing and I thought that I could hear some water. Finally I thought I’m here just one more turn in this heat.
Climbing over the last rocks I finally reached WATER!! Cool water! I dropped my backpack, got rid of my shirt en went in the water directly. This feeling was the best feeling ever! I could stay in the water for hours.
After some time I got out of the water and just relaxed on the side of the beautiful natural pool. This is a real oasis or maybe we should call it paradise.

I believe Wadi’s are really worth visiting. It is a pretty long walk under the sun with a temperature of 38 degrees celsius but at the end it’s all worth it!!