Melbourne’s Best Kept Secrets: Australia

Melbourne is quite well-known for its hidden things; whether that be concealed bars, secret cafes, quirky museums, or undiscovered attractions. Fortunately, I’m here to uncover some of the most underrated things you need to do in the city.

Up close and personal to planes

Near Melbourne Airport, there’s a designated Aircraft Viewing Area. Located at the intersection of Oaklands and Sunbury Road, you are directly in the path of planes taking off and landing. Because you are close to the airport boundary, the planes are just metres above your head. Hence this is most definitely a loud – but nonetheless underrated – thing to do in Melbourne for travel and plane lovers.

white and red airplane

Step into sisterworks

SisterWorks is a non-profit organisation that evolved from a group founded by Luz Restrepo, when she arrived in Australia as a Colombian political refugee in 2010. It helps women migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers become settled and financially independent in Australia. The SisterWorks store in Richmond stocks handmade wares from 88 different women. By purchasing a product, you are directly helping a migrant family. Some of the items for sale include scarfs, food products, children’s toys, jewellery, and greeting cards.

Check out a new concept at Lyon Housemuseum

No, that isn’t a typo. Lyon Housemuseum is a Melbourne innovation, where ‘museum and living are brought together in a single building’. It’s believed to be the world’s first purpose-built residence and museum that’s open to the public for pre-booked tours and selected events. Lyon Housemuseum was designed by Corbett Lyon, an architect and collector who coined the term housemuseum. Artwork and artefacts from some of Australia’s leading contemporary artists are juxtaposed against the house’s domestic furnishings.

flag of australia

Be wowed at wunderkammer

Wunderkammer comes from the German word for cabinet of curiosities. People would display collected oddities inside a glass cabinet, and the tradition is still followed today. Wunderkammer in Melbourne has a lot of rare and unusual products for sale, including scientific and medical instruments, taxidermy animals, shells and animal teeth, butterflies, minerals, anatomical models, medical books, and fossils. If you’re looking for an odd gift or souvenir, check out Wunderkammer.

Head to heide for Modern Art an Markets

Heide Museum of Modern Art was established in 1934, but became a public museum and garden in 1981. Its external architecture, sculpture park, and beautiful gardens outside are just as significant as the contemporary art exhibitions displayed inside. Heide is dedicated to promoting the work of living contemporary artists. Heide Museum of Modern Art also hosts a Makers’ Market the second Saturday of every month, in collaboration with the Rose Street Artists’ Market. Stallholders sell art, design, jewellery, and other handmade goods.