Mittens specially made for special forces now available for you

These mittens are the best available at the moment. Think about it never again cold hands! The heat company has created mittens that will keep your hands warm no matter the conditions.

heat 3

The next generation HEAT 3 Thumb and index finger right and left with silver fabric for perfect use of your i-phone and all touch screens. Palm side now full goat leather for more warmth and better grip. Additional 4 oz Primaloft on the cuff for even more warmth.
This product was originally a custom-made item and is now in its third generation. HEAT 3 gloves were designed specifically for special combat forces of Germany and Austria. HEAT 3 gloves are perfect for daily life in winter, skiing, mountain climbing etc.

heat 3

The HEAT Layer System is unique: LINERS – SHELLS – POLAR HOOD. The LINERS provide perfect fit, wearing comfort and freedom of movement. Combine the different LINERS and SHELLS with POLAR HOOD and create the perfect glove system of your choice.

So if you live in a cold place or planning to go on a winter trip or winter holiday have a look at the site of The heat company and never have cold hands again. If you want to see the gloves into action click here.

Heat 3