My Guilty Pleasure: Pavlova

My first blog… What should I write about, well after a week of long days and not so much sleep I knew that it should be something I really like and you could wake me up for in the middle of the night. Pavlova!! I had pavlova three times this week and every time I wanted more and more and more.

“What I do is, leave a bit of it in the bowl and eat it with my fingers”

Beaten egg whites

Pavlova is a meringue based dessert named after a Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. This dessert is so nice and tasteful that a lot of people claim to be the first having invented this dessert. I can’t tell you where it’s from but what I can tell you is that when you have tried it once you will fall in love directly.
Pavlova is made of beaten egg whites and sugar, after the eggs are beaten it goes into the oven where it takes more than one hour. When it comes out of the oven the pavlova has a crispy and crunchy shell but is still moist and soft on the inside. The preparation process is almost similar to meringue, the difference with pavlova is the inside were meringue is solid throughout.
I must confess that when finished beating the fresh egg whites with sugar not all of it goes into the oven. What I do is, leave a bit of it in the bowl and eat it with my fingers, that is so yummy.

When I make pavlova (wich is as much as possible) I love to use fresh seasonal fruit. During the winter period fresh fruit is normally not as sweet as it should be so then I change to frozen fruit. The benefit of frozen fruit is that when you thaw the fruit there will be some juice wich gives an extra dimension to your pavlova.

Red and blue fruit looks really great. Usually I use fresh strawberries, black and red currents, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. If you would like to try a change use some mango or pineapple. Try to imagine all those flavors of the fresh fruit together, I know it’s mouth-watering.

There is just one more thing which is missing yet… whipped cream!! Normally the supermarkets sell cream between 30% to 40% fat, try to find the cream with the most percentage of fat. In this case it’s the more fat the better!! The best cream has more than 40% fat, ask your pastry shop for advice or maybe you could buy it there.

When you bring all these ingredients together you will have your pavlova. When taking the first bite you will feel like you are in heaven. Crunchy, soft, sweet, freshness… hmm it all comes together. I bet you can’t stop eating this delicious dessert. I have made this many times for friends and family and every time they said that this is number one in their dessert top ten. I’m sure that everyone loves pavlova it’s success guaranteed. It looks great, it tastes delicious and everyone loves it. Of course it has a lot of calories but who said that desserts have to be healthy!!

Pavlova with delicous fresh fruit

If you would like to make pavlova yourself there are a lot of recipes on the internet, but if you would like to make pavlova the way I make it.. contact me and I will send you the recipe.

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