Saint Peter’s Basilica: The Vatican

The St. Peter!! A place on my list for a long time. I have been to Rome a few times and ones I even made it to the gate’s of the St. Peter. Unfortunately for me they closed that day a few minutes before I arrived. So this time I wanted to make sure im on time and I have enough time to see this historic building, Because what is there behind the big doors. What is hidden for the public?

“Right under the altar you will find the grave of St. Peter”

On my way to Vatican city I hoped that it would not be busy or at least not that much people. When I reached the St. Peter square I saw a lot of chairs and gates. That morning the Pope gave a speech and I was disappointed that I missed it. Well I couldn’t do anything about that so I was going to make the best of my day and I didn’t plan to see the Pope so everything was still going according my plan. Because all of the fences it was pretty difficult to find the right entry gate. After I asked a few times I found the right entry gate and after the security check I was ready to enter.

St. Peter Basilic.JPG

The moment I set foot in the St. Peter I was blown away by its beauty. Speechless… This basilic is so beautiful and big. The paintings on the walls are made with so much detail and finesse. In the basilica you will find paintings of artists like Michelangelo and Bernini, but that’s not all these artist made, they also made big statues of marble. Bernini also made the altar in the middle of the basilic. The moment I entered the Basilic I saw how big this was, but I got surprised when turned a corner because there was another large space. There is a reason why this Basilic is the biggest in the world, the volume of the basilic is 5.000.000m3 wich is more that four times bigger that the number two. It’s not a wonder that it took almost 120 years to finish the basilic and 47.000.000 gold ducats. If you would like to build the St. Peter in present day it would cost you at least 7.500.000 Euro. The statues are of course priceless.


Under the St. Peter’s Basilica you will find the Saint Peter’s Tomb. In these tombs you will find more than hundred tombs. Right under the altar in the middle of the Basilica you will find the grave of St. Peter, one of the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus from his first disciples. Most of the graves you will find in the tombs are made out of marble and some are decorated with gold. Unfortunately not all tombs are visible, I must say that the ones who are gives a good impression of the other tombs.


If you would like to climb a few steps, 551 to be exactly, you can make it to the dome. Arriving at the line to get my ticket for the dome I asked myself if I would buy a ticket to take the elevator or buy a ticket to walk the stairs with a lot of steps. I decided to buy a ticket to walk the stairs, how bad can it be right? So I started to walk, after a while I reached the top. I was happy that I made it this far and pretty quick so I took a little rest and walked right into the dome. What an amazing view, the people down in the basilica looked so small. After a while standing there and admire the view I heard a guide who was talking about the last steps. The last steps? What do you mean, are there more steps?
The awnser was yes about 300 more, and I was happy that I made it the first 200. So I began to walk the steps. After the first corner the steps became smaller and smaller. The walls became angled. In combination with the small steps and the heat it was pretty hard to climb the stairs and I had to rest on several occasions.
After reaching the top I was blown away by the view. I had an amazing view over the St. Peter square, but also over the other parts of Vatican City.
From a lower platform its possible to get just behind the statues which are facing the square.


This was such an overwhelming experience that it is hard to describe. The Basilic, the history, the Pope, the square, the view all so impressive and big its amazing. I have only seen this place on the television and read about it in the books. I must say that this is so much better!!