Shopping makes me hungry: Food court Pavilion mall

After a long day of shopping there was just one thing to do before heading back to the hotel. I needed food, GOOD FOOD!! So lets find some food.

“I needed food, GOOD FOOD!!”

In the ‘basement’ you will find so many stalls that it will be hard to choose. In this food court you will find food from all over Asia but also from Europe. What I like about this foodcourt is that you will see a lot of local people sitting on the long tables. During lunchtime you may find it hard to find some space to have your meal because it’s pretty busy. The tourists mingle with the local people and if you need help from someone they are really willing to help you.
If you are lucky you will find someone who could tell you a lot about the food sold in the food court. Most of the owners of the stalls are helpful if you would like to know what ingredients and spices they have used in their dishes. If you have an allergy let them know and they will help you find a dish or make you one.

Chicken or Duck with rice
Chicken or Duck with rice

Hainanese chicken or duck with rice is one of the signature dishes of Malaysia. You should really try this basic but so delicious dish. Hours that’s how long I could talk about this dish, when in Malaysia or Singapore I try to eat this as many times as possible. The marinade used for the chicken.. so mouth-watering. Ok I will stop talking about it because this blog is about the food court.

Fresh Vegetarian noodle soup
Fresh vegetarian noodle soup

At the Japanese stall you will find fresh sushi but also gyoza’s and tempura’s. Furthermore you will find Thai, Indian and also european style stalls. All the food looks really fresh, it’s almost impossible to make a choice because there is so much. To be honest, I never just take one dish I try as many as possible and I believe everyone should.


Indian man cooking fresh food
Indian food, made to order

If for any reason you can not find anything you like, wich I can’t imagine, there are some good and nice restaurants on the same floor on the opposite of the stalls. On the top floor of the mall you also find restaurants which are more intimate than the restaurants near the food court.