The best vegetarian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

Sitting on my bed right now because I had a bit too much to eat just a bit earlier. Today I went to this just opened vegetarian restaurant called Simple Life. Well I can tell you their food is nothing near simple.

“don’t get fooled by the pictures in the menu but blown away by the food”

Next to the Pavilion mall there has been opened a new wing where you can find some new stores and restaurants, one of the new restaurants is Simple Life. As I walked by during lunch time one of the things attracted my attention was the line in front of the restaurant. The line was really long, but if you looked at the other restaurants there was no line at all so this must be good so I decided to come back later for dinner.


After a few hours when I did my shopping and had a foot massage it was time to go back to Simple Life and have my dinner. Upon entering the restaurant the friendly staff recognized me and escorted me to a free table. The menu looks really glamorous and the pictures so delicious that it is mouth-watering. My motto is don’t get fooled by the pictures in the menu but blown away by the food.


After looking in the menu for a while I decided to order a few things. Rendang made of pumpkin and tempeh sounded really delicious but also healthy so why not try it. What I also ordered  was a platter of different fried mushrooms, Tom Yam fried 10 grain fried rice and springrolls to start with. To be honest the drinks they have are really nice, I tried the lemon, orange, green lemon, mint leaf and honey juice with chia seeds.


When the food came it was just like the pictures in the menu came to life. It all looked so good and delicious. To be honest the rendang made of pumpkin and tempeh was a bit different because you expect rendang with meat. The structure of the pumpkin and tempeh was a bit funny for this dish but the taste was define!! The Tom Yam 10 grain fried rice was also really good. At the first bite of the fried rice I realised that this was a vegetarian dish but the taste was far from vegetarian, I looked if I could find some chicken but there was no chicken in this dish. The springrolls was a disappointment I must say, compared to the quality and taste of all the other food this wasn’t good at all. The springrolls were not made fresh and the taste was like they were bought from the supermarket.


At the end I can only say that I enjoyed my food at Simple Life. If you do not like or do not want to eat rice they have all kinds of food. At Simple Life you can have fried rice but also Singaporean Laksa or healthy vegetarian burgers. Pizza or vegetarian sushi can also be found at Simple Life!!


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