The Other Side Of The World: Tahiti

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Tahiti, the other side of the world, a place I always wanted to visit. Who could say I have been to the other side of the world. So the planning began.. how do we get there… where to stay… what to see and a lot more questions.

“Can you say that you have been to the other side of the world”

It took more than 30 hours to get there. From the starting point Amsterdam to Los Angeles and from there to the island of Tahiti, Papeete. As you probably can imagine I was exhausted, barely any sleep and don’t get me started about the 11 hour time difference. But as soon as the plane started the descent I almost forgot it all. The view was amazing, tiny islands, blue water, white beaches it was all there.

After a few hours of sleep in a really nice and comfy hotel we went to the beach to just have a look. Right after we saw the beach and the beautiful water we ran back to the room and changed into swimwear because you can’t resist the water, you will instantly forget about the flights.

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As soon as you walk a few meters into the water you will find all kinds of fish and the most beautiful coral. I was amazed by the fish, they were really curious about who just entered their home. When you go for snorkeling there will be small fishes but you also will find the bigger ones. snorkeling is such a nice experience on Tahiti. I wished I could dive because I believe that diving here would really blow my mind. If you are a lover of sea life this trip is definitely worth it.

As I am a big fan of food, food is part of all my trips. As I love to eat good food with a lot of flavors and a bit spicy it was a thing on the island. The restaurants are mostly closed between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. so you can not have a late lunch. I must say that the prices are pretty high so can you buy a regular hamburger with some fries for about 25 euros. All the food and drinks on the island are imported from the mainland. As Tahiti is part of France a lot of goods are imported from France.

“This is the place for a traditional Polynesian tattoo”

On every corner of the island you will find tattoo artists. From little stalls on the streets to big shops where you can have your custom-made traditional Polynesian tattoo. A lot of the artists have won prices for their tattoo’s. The origin of the tattoo comes from this region which was the reason for me to have a nice tattoo here. After some research I found the best tattoo artist for me, on the island of Moorea in a small cabin. It took the artist about 3 hours to complete the tattoo, but it was all worth it. The precision the artist took to design and complete the tattoo is really amazing.


Tahiti is the place to be for fresh vanilla. Vanilla is really everywhere from the stalls on the streets to the bigger supermarkets. If you are looking for premium vanilla you definitely will find some here.

People ask me if I would recommend a trip to Tahiti… my answer is YES. All the islands are really beautiful and peaceful and the people are friendly. For people who like the sea life it’s amazing. The only thing is food… its more expensive than similar places in the world but hey… Tahiti is on the other side of the world.