Time to wake up: Kopi

Espresso, cappuccino, late macchiato are all different styles of coffee. If you are traveling to Southeast Asia you must try kopi. Kopi is a strong coffee in a typical Southeast Asian style.

“Just go to the stall and order your kopi!!”

When I’m in Southeast Asia this is the only coffee I drink because I like strong coffee. This kopi is normally made with a bit of evaporated milk and some condensed milk. If you do not like the sweet flavor of the kopi then go for kopi C kosong wich is the kopi with some evaporated milk. There are many combinations possible for kopi.

  • kopi oh = hot black coffee (with sugar)
  • kopi oh peng = iced black coffee (with sugar)
  • kopi oh kosong = hot black coffee (unsweetened)
  • kopi oh kosong peng = iced black coffee (unsweetened)
  • kopi = Coffee with condensed milk
  • kopi peng – iced coffee with condensed milk
  • kopi ‘c’ – hot coffee with evaporated milk, with sugar
  • kopi ‘c’ kosong – hot coffee with evaporated milk
  • kopi ‘c’ peng – iced coffee with evaporated milk, with sugar
  • kopi strong – iced coffee extra smooth.

Kopi tiams in Southeast Asia also serves tea, cold drinks and other beverages. Also you will find some breakfast items such as Kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs and snacks. The independent stall holders often also serve some local Singaporean or Malay dishes.
In Indonesia you will also find kopi tiams, most of them in residential areas especially for the local people. The modern kopi tiams have recently found their way to the bigger shopping malls around the country. The look of these shops attracts a different type of customer such as tourists, expats and business travelers.

pouring kopi

I would certainly recommend kopi, the soft and smooth taste is amazing. If you like strong coffee it’s a success guaranteed. Its really worth a try!!


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